Just about everyone understands that campaign contributions from corporations, unions, Super PACs, and billionaires are inherently corrosive and ultimately corrupting.  Every donation comes with strings attached…expectations of favors the elected official is expected to grant once in office.  The average citizen’s opinion of the political process right now in our country – gridlocked, polarized, ineffective – is the result of the current system of allowing unlimited campaign contributions to candidates running for the House, Senate, and Presidency.

The solution?  Change the way we FINANCE federal elections!  The only way to get private money and its influence out of elections is to pass a constitutional amendment mandating federal financing of all elections.  This will be VERY difficult.  The Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision means that legislation alone is not enough – a constitutional amendment is now necessary.  Compounding the difficulty is the fact that no one currently in power is motivated to change anything, since they got to their positions by mastering the current system.

Ordinary people like you and me working together is the ONLY way we can make this happen!  The purpose of this site is to educate American citizens on how we can together make this happen.

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