Will YOU get on board?

YOU are the most important factor of all.  The Clean Elections Amendment doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of seeing the light of day unless YOU decide to get involved.  As I’ve already said in previous posts, no one at any level of power in the country wants this to become law.  All current officeholders of both parties got their power thanks to the donors in the current system.  They’re not looking for change.  Wealthy donors, banks, corporations, unions, and lobbyists definitely don’t want anything to change…this whole thing is perfectly rigged right now, just the way they want it!  Look for this bunch to come up with all kinds of arguments against it.  And failing that, look for them to attempt to discredit or intimidate those leading this effort.  The media doesn’t want change…where do you think all that money goes?  The lion’s share goes to pay for media time on TV and radio.  I know this first hand from my years in commercial radio…presidential elections years are when you can expect a big bonus at the end of the year.  Therefore, don’t expect media companies to give this any publicity…it would eat into their election year largess.

I personally have no money, power or influence to get this passed, or even noticed.  This may very well be a dead-end project.  My only hope in even attempting this “fool’s errand” is that people like you will see the good that this could do. ..and that people like you will be willing to share and re-post and link to our Facebook page and “follow” this blog (see the button in the lower right corner)…and do everything you can to get the word out to the people in your circle of influence.  It is ONLY when all of us ordinary people, who are sickened by the buying and selling of elections year after year, are determined to do something about it, that change will come.  If it’s just me, this is doomed.  But if you and your friends, and their friends, and their friends all band TOGETHER, only then does it stand a fighting chance.

For my part, I will keep posting reasons why America needs this amendment.  The CEA won’t cure all of the problems in our electoral system, but I believe that if the CEA is passed and implemented, it will draw the right kinds of people into office who can continue to clean up the election process until all of the problems are solved.

Will YOU help?  Do you care enough to take a stand?  If you do, send your elected representatives a notice TODAY that you, as their boss, are instructing them to vote in favor of the Clean Elections Amendment, and that if they refuse or if they ignore you, that you will withdraw your vote from their next election, and it will go to any other candidate, regardless of party, who will unequivocally support it.

Help get the word out!  Use Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media to let your friends know that there is a way to get our Democracy back!  Please do all you can to see the Clean Elections Amendment through to ratification.  Thank you.

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