How does a Constitutional Amendment get ratified?

Our Constitution was designed to be amended, because our Founders, in their wisdom and humility, knew issues would arise in the future that were not covered in the original document, and that changes would be needed.  However, they designed a very high bar for passing an amendment.  Two-thirds of both houses of Congress (67 senators, 290 representatives) need to approve of a proposed amendment, and then three-quarters of the individual states (38) must approve, before a new amendment can be ratified and go into effect.

So the only people who can vote on the proposed Clean Elections Amendment are the ones who currently benefit from the lack of this amendment.  What would induce them to vote against the status quo which benefits them?  The only way we as citizens can force them to change is by our united action on Election Day.  This is the only leverage we have.  We can decide that we will refuse to vote for any candidate who does not pledge themselves unreservedly to voting for this amendment.  Even if the candidate is a beloved incumbent that we have voted for many times before, we must have the strength to refuse to vote for them again, unless they meet our demand to return a true Democracy to us.

It may take more than one election cycle.  In fact, I predict that it will be a long hard road for the CEA to become a reality.  But if it is to be, it must start with us.   We dare not delay, because the longer we wait, the more entrenched the rich and powerful will become, and will stop at nothing to maintain their advantages.  This year, November 2014, we must begin to insist that our votes can ONLY be earned by those pledging themselves to the Clean Elections Amendment campaign!

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